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Stereoscopic animation and visuals are once again making a comeback to mainstream viewing. Many cinematic theater productions are being produced in "3D Stereo," and stereo televisions have entered the home display market, providing unparalleled 3D depth to scenes.

3FX has 15+ year's experience in producing stereoscopic images in multiple formats, and continues to be knowledgeable in all advancing stereo technologies. There are several methods of creating and displaying stereoscopic visuals. The one to utilize is often determined by where, and by how many viewers are to be reached.

Below: Grab a pair of red & blue (anaglyph) glasses and have a look at a 3FX 3D stereo medical animation sample clip. (Stereo 3D content can be delivered using glasses-free technology as well).

We can help determine the most effective solution to reach your intended audience

Stereoscopic production is done with 2 camera views, one for the viewers left eye, and one for the right. Once the animations are final and approved, both the left & right camera views are rendered in full resolution, creating the final master sequences. As there are various stereo technologies available, final output format is typically determined by the display system being utilized.

There are several advantages to producing your presentation in stereo. "Wow factor" is the most obvious, as objects can appear to float off the screen toward viewers, detailing specific critical information. Secondly, a single-view format for display on standard HD screens can be provided as part of the deliverables.

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