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Project Planning Worksheet
Prior to the development of any 3D Life Science Animation project, 3FX recommends that you consider and add comments to our brief worksheet. This thought process is a key element for all teams to mutually understand the project requirements.

Production Process
3FX's precise production process ensures a smooth project flow, clear communication, and dynamic imagery that encourages viewing, and increases message retention within the presentation.

3FX medical communication and visualizations within the pharmaceutical and medical world succeed in making complex technical ideas and processes understandable and exciting - striking the correct balance between education, marketing, and science.

Medical animation attracts and engages the viewer, aiding in medical communication and information retention. Compelling healthcare communication and visuals, presented via a variety of 3D display solutions and technology, play a critical role informing decision-makers and educating physicians and consumers.

Visual Communication Benefits

Dynamic visualizations designed to "attract & engage" viewers.

Compelling stories make complex scientific information understandable.

Interactive experiences drive traffic to exhibits and web sites.

Guide physicians and patients to better understand complex processes.

Demonstrate the value provided within the scientific presentation.

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